Future Students

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Future Students

In the past you had to make tough choices and have adult responsibilities. Working at a job to support your family or working at home to take care of your family, sometimes having to do both.  Maybe you chose to leave home to serve your country and have honored that commitment by moving all over the world to protect all of us here at home.

Many of the things you used to have to travel to campus to do, you can now do online 24/7. There is a toll free number and a dedicated email box M-F, 8 to 5. Our professional staff knows  what it's like to take online courses  because they have done it themselves.

We invite you to explore your Options on our website. Continuing Studies is here to support you as you return to school. We offer programs in education, business, health care, technology, and other areas. Whether you are completing a degree or beginning graduate school, you are sure to find a program to suit your needs.

For a list of programs, click here. For a guide on getting started, click here. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us, 1-800-398-9275 or options@ecu.edu

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