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Program Mission:

The RESTART program was implemented through the efforts of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, whose mission is, ”to foster student growth by promoting students’ awareness and understanding of their rights and responsibilities, addressing student conduct and creating developmental learning opportunities, and engaging students in ethical decision-making.”

The mission of the RESTART (Reframing and Engaging Student Thoughts and Actions through Resources and Techniques) program at East Carolina University is to promote student development and civility by creating and supporting integrated intervention initiatives for students on deferred suspension. Adapted from the Back on TRAC program which started at Colorado State University, RESTART serves as a deferred suspension for a student found responsible for a major (or several minor) violations which warrants suspension as a sanction. Suspension is defined per our Student Code of Conduct as, “the immediate separation of the student from enrollment at the University.”  RESTART permits a student to maintain enrollment at ECU, to take classes and use services available through the university, while participating in a structured curriculum involving activities to foster individual strengths and decision-making skills, random urinary analyses, consistent sessions with our counseling center, and frequent meetings with a RESTART coordinator. However, any further violations of the ECU Code of Conduct will result in immediate suspension.

How to Apply:

Students interested in the RESTART program must complete an application. The application consists of   

  • an intake of general information,
  • 3 essay prompts  
  • Consent for a background check
  • A signed Agreement of Understanding
  • A completed Release form from the Center for Counseling and Student Development
The application, along with the student’s conduct history, will go before a committee of student affairs professionals to determine whether the student is an appropriate candidate for the program. Students participating in RESTART will be expected to satisfy several requirements to maintain their enrollment in the program. Examples of this include: 


  • Consistent appointments with a counselor at the Center for Counseling and Student Development.
  • Frequent meetings with your RESTART Coordinator to discuss progress made and helpful resources. 
  • Meeting with your Academic Advisor for a minimum of two times each semester.
  • Working with a career counselor at Career Services to develop a resume and an explanation of your conduct history.
  • Consent to at least one random urine analysis each semester.
  • Meeting with a Learning Specialist at the Pirate Tutoring Center to talk about your academic goals and current standing.
  • Attending one group meeting with other RESTART members per month.
  • Attending programs aimed to increase your professional development.
  • Reading StrengthsQuest, a book designed to cultivate your inner strengths and educate you on how to use them to your best ability.

East Carolina University implemented the RESTART program for students who made a mistake in judgment that in turn will have a substantial impact on their role as a student. This program is aimed to redirect students, to acquaint them with resources that are applicable to their development as a student and where they would like to see themselves in life. 

In contrast, for students where this “mistake in judgment” is rather a deeply-rooted habit, or a coping mechanism for severe mental health ailments, enrollment into RESTART is not designed to provide the increased amount of assistance and guidance that these students need to overcome these barriers. It is in these situations where suspension from the university allows the student the time they need to devote to treatment in order to reflect and overcome, with an opportunity for reenrollment should they desire to remain a Pirate.