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The Office of Innovation and Economic Development (OIED), in partnership with the Division of Research and Graduate Studies, is pleased to launch a new forum to explore the impact of new ideas and innovations on our campus, our region and beyond. The Idea to Impact Innovation Forum is designed to start a healthy dialog about why the ideation process is important to researchers, educators, students and staff in creating new processes, services, products and even new businesses for global impact. The series will take participants through the journey of why, who, what and how to transform ideas into solutions. ECU innovators will share what they have learned from the trenches and subject matter experts will offer guidance to maximize future success.

The Technology Transfer Fellows Program is an experiential education program launched in the summer of 2010. The program concentrates on providing support for the assessment of the commercial potential of new technologies disclosed to OTT.

The Inventor Celebration Event is a ECU sponsored event that recognizes inventors and innovators from the University and local community. The event is hosted by the Office of Technology Transfer, and specifically honors ECU inventors that have received issued U.S. patents during the previous year. First time honorees are inducted into the National Academy of Inventors (NAI), of which ECU is a charter institution.

2015 Celebration Event Honorees

2015 Celebration Event

Dr. Jitka Virag

Dr. Xin-Hua Hu

Dr. Gregg Givens

Dr. Mark Mannie

Dr. Qun Lu

Dr. Sharon Rogers

2013 Celebration Event Honorees


Dr. Ethan Anderson

Dr. Gregg Givens

Dr. Joseph Kalinowski

Dr. Darrell Neufer

Dr. Micahel Rastatter

Dr. Rachel Roper

Dr. Andrew Stuart

2012 Celebration Event Honorees

2012 Celebration Event

William E. Allen

Martin Bier 

Yan-Hua Chen 

David N. Collier 

Orville W. Day, Jr. 

Ronald W. Dudek 

Paul Gemperline 

Gregg Givens 

Paul W. Hager 

Glenn D. Harris

Joseph S. Kalinowski 

Yong-Qing Li 

Qun Lu 

Everett C. Pesci 

David William Pravica 

Michael P. Rastatter 

George Sigounas 

Andrew M. Stuart 

David M. Terrian 

Michael Van Scott

The ECU Commercialization Hub is a pilot program designed to guide biomedical research faculty in transforming novel scientific discoveries into commercially viable products or services for an unmet need.The Hub offers valuable resources to further commercialization efforts by providing assistance in evaluating feasibility, establishing proof of concept, identifying milestones necessary for project validation, and assessing market viability.As a pilot program, the Hub is available on an invitation only basis to ECU inventors who have been referred by the Office of Technology Transfer.



The second annual Greenville Discovery Forum sponsored by the NC State’s Institute for Emerging Issues and brought to you by East Carolina University’s College of Business will be on October 20th. The Discovery Forum will be a five minute pitch competition in which the entrepreneur can present their socially innovative idea for cash prizes of up to $1,250. The winner will go on to compete in the Emerging Issues Competition for a grand prize of $10,000. Registration ends October 7th. Click to learn more.