Exploring Peruvian Cultural Diversity

The Highlands

July 2016

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel to South America? Curious to see first-hand the diverse cultures of Peru? Maybe you are interested in gaining field experience in ethnography? Peru is home to a wide variety of ecological and social environments, which create a tremendous amount of cultural diversity within the country. Our journey will take us to archaeological excavations, highland communities where we will participate in community works projects, local farms, and national museums.

Topics Covered:

ethnic composition of populations
farming practices
impact of globalization
social structure
kinship and family structure
gender roles
religious beliefs
material culture
museum studies

Highlights Include:

·              See the world’s trendsetters in the city of 9 million when you arrive in Lima.
·         Sit with a local shahman and learn traditional healing techniques.
·         Visit the base camp for Huascaran Sur and gaze at the highest peak in Peru and one of the 
          highest in all of the Andes!
·         Be immersed in Andean culture and live in the mountains of Huaraz.
·         Try your hand at dyeing and weaving wool with local craftsmen.
·         Understand pottery creation and production processes by seeing local studios.
·         Help plant food crops in an agricultural immersion experience.
·         Meet ancestors of the Incas and explore the development of the Spanish cast system.
Come nose-to-nose with the golden masks and jewelry of the Incan elite.
·         Shop the colorful arts and creations of local Peruvians.
·         Develop your Spanish skills with a certified translator.


For more information:

Unknown BrooksB@ecu.edu 


Students from outside of ECU are welcome to apply!