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Dr. Veber in Brazil!

Dr. Veber presenting his paper.
In early July, Dr. Veber gave a paper entitled “Dreams and Skepticism” as part of the First Epistemology Workshop at the conference of the Brazilian Society of Analytic Philosophy. The conference was held at the University of Campinas in Campinas, Brazil. Dr. Veber distinguishes the familiar Cartesian-style dream argument from a lesser known skeptical argument found in Sextus Empiricus. Dr. Veber argues that many common responses to the former do not apply to the latter, that if we accept certain influential ideas in contemporary epistemology Sextus’ dream argument looks plausible and that the argument provides a new way to understand what Moorean responses to skepticism can and cannot accomplish. You can listen to Dr. Veber’s talk here.

Ms. Madison Buchness, a  philosophy major, was elected Secretary of the ECU Pre-Law Society and member of the Executive Board!

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Photo of Sarah Smith, a philosophy major who is also a Sergeant in the USMC, in the new study area created for past and present members of the military. Photo by Michael Seegars, The East Carolinian

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is a philosophy major and a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. She is in the new study area created by the ECU Office of Veterans Services for current and past members of the military.

Photo by Michael Seegars, The East Carolinian