Ph.D. Program in Physiology

This is a vigorous research program in basic and applied biomedical sciences that emphasizes the cellular and molecular basis of function, in the context of understanding the integrative mechanisms of physiological processes. Track areas for Ph.D. projects include:

  • Bioenergetics and metabolic diseases (Dr. Neufer, Dr. Spangenburg)
  • Cardiovascular physiology (Dr. de Castro Brás, Dr. Hannan, Dr. Katwa, Dr. Lust, Dr. McClung, Dr. Tulis, Dr. Virag)
  • Cardiac proteomics (Dr. de Castro Brás)
  • Nanoparticles and nanotoxicology (Dr. Murashov, Dr. Walters)
  • Neurophysiology and neuroscience (Dr. Clemens, Dr. Ding, Dr. Murashov, Dr. Hannan)
  • Physiological genomics and epigenetics (Dr. Murashov, Dr. Neufer, Dr. Walters)
  • Pulmonary physiology (Dr. Van Scott, Dr. Walters)
  • Skeletal muscle biology (Dr. Spangenburg)
  • Stem cells (Dr. Murashov, Dr. Virag)
  • Vascular biology (Dr. McClung)

The Graduate Program in Physiology in the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University provides students with a solid foundation in fundamental principles of physiology and prepares them to appreciate, explore and discover the world of biomedical research.

We emphasize an integrative approach to biomedical science, with expertise in research methods for investigating the mysteries of heart function, pulmonary and vascular regulation, metabolism and bioenergetics, stem cell differentiation, spinal cord injury, nerve regeneration and circadian rhythms.

We invite you to join us and make exploration and discovery your life's work.