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Recent / Upcoming Publications - Planning faculty

- Hur, M., Li, Y., and Terzano, K., 2015, "Breaking the Chain: Understanding the Association between Foreclosure Intensity and Neighborhood Satisfaction." Applied Geography 58C: 7-17.

- Hur, M., and Bollinger A., 2014. "Neighborhood Associations and their Strategic Actions to Enhance Residents' Neighborhood Satisfaction." Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly:1-21

- Mukherji, A. 2015 "From Tenants to Owners: Housing Renters after Disaster in Bhuj, India." Housing Studies

- Mukherji, A. 2015. "Planning Note: Land Readjustment During Post Disaster Urban Reconstruction." Journal of the American Planning Association 80(4): 438-439

- Weitz, J. 2014. "Employment Changes in the Spine of the Carolina Piedmont Megapolitan Area: Implications for Megaregion Planning." Southeastern Geographer 54(3): 215-232

-Weitz, J. (2015, Forthcoming). The Ethical Planning Practitioner. Chicago: Planners Press.


- Jepson, J. Edward J., and Jerry Weitz. (2015, Forthcoming). Introduction to Planning Techniques and Methods. New York: Routledge.
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