Department of Political Science

List of Faculty and Staff

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Dr. Jody Baumgartner (Associate Professor, Ph.D., Miami University, OH)
Mr. John Bulow (Teaching Instructor, MA, East Carolina University, Webster University)
Dr. Rhonda Evans Case (Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin)
Dr. David Conradt (Professor, Ph.D., Brown University)
Dr. Alethia Cook (Associate Professor, Ph.D., Kent State University)
Dr. Thomas Eamon (Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of North Carolina)
Shelia Ellis, Office Assistant, Brewster A-129, (252) 328-6189 (Send E-Mail)
Dr. Peter Francia (Professor, Ph.D., University of Maryland)
Dr. Young Hun Kim (Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University)
Dr. Younhee Kim (Associate Professor, Ph.D., Rutgers University-Newark)
Dr. Lauriston King (Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. University of Connecticut)
Dr. Armin Krishnan (Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Salford, UK)
Dr. Brad Lockerbie (Professor and Chairperson, Ph.D., University of Iowa)
Dr. Marie Olson Lounsbery (Associate Professor, Ph.D., Wayne State University)
Dr. William Mangun (Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Indiana University)
Dr. Bonnie Mani (Professor, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University)
Dr. Steve Modlin (Teaching Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Mississippi State University)
Dr. Jonathan Morris (Associate Professor, Ph.D., Purdue University)
Dr. William Nicholls (Visiting Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Kentucky)
Dr. Sharon Paynter (Assistant Professor, Ph.D., North Carolina State University)
Dr. Jalil Roshandel (Associate Professor, Ph.D., Universite des Science Sociales)
Dr. Carmine Scavo (Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Dr. Maurice Simon (Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Stanford University)
Dr. Olga Victorovna Smirnova (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Dr. Nancy Spalding (Associate Professor, Ph.D., SUNY Binghamton)
Dr. Robert (Bob) Thompson (Associate Professor, PhD, University of Oklahoma)
Kiwana Washington, Office Assistant, Brewster A-129, (252) 328-6030, (Send E-Mail)
Dr. Tinsley Yarbrough (Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Alabama)

Dept. of Political Science, Brewster A-124, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC 27858-4353
Phone (252) 328-6189
Fax (252) 328-4134