Department of Political Science

Dr. Sharon R. Paynter

  • Title: Assistant Professor and Interim Director Office of Public Service and Community Relations, Ph.D. (North Carolina State University)
  • Office: Brewster A-104
  • Office Phone: (252) 328-5580
  • Fax: (252) 328-4134
  • Email Address:
  • Teaching Areas: Nonprofit Management; Public Administration; State and Local Government; Public Policy
  • Research Interests: Hunger, Poverty, and Public Policy; Public Service Motivation

Dr. Paynter's Online Materials
Curriculum Vitae

Selected Syllabi
PADM 6100
PADM 6101
PADM 6240
POLS 3240

Research: Engaged Scholarship
Paynter, S.R., and Berner, M.M. (2014). "Measuring Organizational Capacity." Forthcoming Journal of Health and Human Services Administration 37(2).
Paynter, S.R. (2014). "Tackling Wicked Problems through Engaged Scholarship." Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship 7(1): 48-59.
Paynter, S.R. (2013). "Collaborative Public Management as a Hunger Prevention Strategy." Journal of Extension, 51(1).

Research: Public Management
Jolley, G.J., and Paynter, S.R. (2013). "Multijurisdictional Industrial Parks and Revenue Sharing: An Application of Growth Pole Theory." Journal of Public Administration and Governance 3(2).
Jolley, G.J., Lane, E. B., and Paynter, S.R. (2013). "Who Benefits from Job Creation Tax Credits?" Coastal Business Journal 35(1).
Clerkin, R.M., Paynter, S.R., and Taylor, J.K. (2009). "Public Service Motivation in Undergraduate Giving and Volunteering Decisions." American Review of Public Administration, 39(6).
Paynter, S.R. and Kearney, R.C. (2009). "Who Watches the Watchmen? Evaluating Judicial Performance in the American States." Administration and Society, 41(8).

Research: Social Policy
Paynter, S.R., Jolley, G.J. and Nousaine, A. (2014)."Policy Implications of Projecting the Multiplier Effects of Social Safety Net Programs Using IMPLAN: Reevaluating the Economic Impact of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program." State and Local Government Review 46(1): 28-45.
Paynter, S.R., Berner, M.M., and Anderson, E.U. (2010). "When the Even the "Dollar Value Meal" Costs Too Much: Food Insecurity and Long Term Dependence on Food Pantry Assistance." Public Administration Quarterly, 35(1).
Berner, M.M., Ozer, T., and Paynter, S.R. (2008). "A Portrait of Hunger, the Social Safety Net, and the Working Poor." Policy Studies Journal, 36(3).

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