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MPA/Certificate in Community Health Administration

Students seeking the master of public administration degree (MPA) may take 15 s.h. in COHE, and approved electives for the completion of a certificate in community health administration. Required courses are the following: COHE 6000, 6100; PADM 6400 (or COHE 6971 or NURS 6971). Electives may be taken from the following: ACCT 6241; BIOS 5010; COHE 6300, 6310; ENGL 5780; FINA 6144; PADM 6410.

MPA/Certificate in Community Health Administration admission or requirements are available from the Director of the MPA Program in the Department of Political Science.


COHE: Community Health
6000. Health Care Systems and Problems (3) P: Consent of instructor. Advanced study of contemporary health care problems. Evolution, philosophy, and present and future trends of our health care system. Emphasis on health policy and practices of community health service institutions and agencies.
6100. Community Health Administration (3) P: COHE 6000 or consent of instructor. Role and application of basic administrative theory and practice in health service institutions and agencies. Emphasis on public aspects of health service.
6300. Health Law (3) P: Consent of instructor. Process and substance of law related to organization and delivery of health services in the US. Recognition of legal issues arising in the practice of health administration, understanding of how legal system thinks, and effective communicate with lawyers practicing in health care field.
6310. Health Care Accounting and Financial Administration (3) Application of the theories, principles and concepts of financial management and accounting to decision-making and accountability in health care organizations.
6971. Health Policy (3) Same as PADM 6400 and NURS 6971 Overview of health policy and legal issues related to delivery of health care. Emphasis on action, theory, and roles; strategies of power politics; legal foundations; and trends in policy formation with implications for health care administrators.

PADM: Public Administration
6400. Health Policy (3) Same as COHE 6971 and NURS 6971 Overview of health policy, law and regulation that relate to the delivery of health care in the United States.
6410. Health Policy Analysis (3) Development of policy analysis and assessment skills needed in the health policy field.

6241. Financial and Managerial Accounting (3) May not count toward the MSA. Generation and flow of financial information through accounting system and its uses by management in decision-making process.

5010. Epidemiology for Health Professionals (3) P: BIOS 1500 or consent of instructor. Distribution of disease in human populations and factors that influence this distribution. Emphasis on leading causes of death, evaluating health research, and utilizing epidemiologic methods.

5780. P: ENGL 3880 or consent of instructor. Advanced composition with extensive writing practice.

6144. Financial Management I (3) P: ACCT 6241; OMGT 6123. Financial manager's role in financial planning, acquisition of funds, and social, ethical, and governmental aspects of national and international financial decision making.

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