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MPA Program's Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is a dynamic guide to our actions in terms of our region, University, and the students we serve. It was adopted in 2011 by the MPA Committee and endorsed by the MPA Advisory Council.

The mission of the Master of Public Administration Program is to:
prepare professionals to meet the needs and challenges of public service;
conduct scholarly and applied research in public administration and policy; and
engage students and faculty in partnerships with governmental, non-profit, professional, and educational organizations.

This statement's meaning is further elaborated by the following components and objectives.

Component 1: prepare professionals to meet the needs and challenges of public service.
Objective 1A: to develop and enhance managerial, communication and analytical skills of our diverse in-service student population from a traditionally rural, but developing area.
Objective 1B: to prepare our pre-service students for administrative and managerial positions in the public sector.
Objective 1C: to partner with other related academic units in designing and implementing interdisciplinary programs for high quality graduate education.
Objective 1D: to provide graduate students with high quality instruction reflective of contemporary public administration and public policy thinking.

Component 2: conduct scholarly and applied research in public administration and policy.
Objective 2A: to produce and disseminate theory-based research through publication in a variety of outlets.
Objective 2B: to participate in public administration and public policy conferences and meetings.
Objective 2C: to partner in the production and dissemination of applied research projects for government agencies, non-profit and volunteer organizations, and other community groups.
Objective 2D: to facilitate student participation in research projects and papers.

Component 3: engage students and faculty in partnerships with governmental, non-profit, professional, and educational organizations.
Objective 3A: to provide service and leadership to local, regional, and national government agencies and nonprofit organizations by applying the knowledge and methods of public administration/public policy to practical problems and information needs.
Objective 3B: to serve the fields of public administration and public policy through participation in national and regional professional associations.
Objective 3C: to serve the University through participation on committees and other service activities.
Objective 3D: enhance the reputation and visibility of East Carolina University as a significant contributor to the quality of municipal and county government in Eastern North Carolina.

Our Service Area and Students

Our primary service area is eastern North Carolina, particularly the northern and central counties of the state. Nonetheless, our aim is to provide educational opportunities that will enable our graduates to be competitive beyond this geographic area. We seek to enable them to be successful in positions in local, state, and federal government positions as well as in the nonprofit sector regardless of our regional geographic boundaries.

Our student body is comprised of roughly equal proportions of in-service students and pre-service students. As with most programs' in-service students these individuals work primarily in eastern North Carolina. Our pre-service students, on the other hand, tend to come from all across the state, with some coming from other states and countries. Thus as one should expect, our graduates are employed heavily in the eastern of North Carolina, but many are also employed well outside this region at all levels of government.

We strive to have a demographically diverse student population which is reasonably reflective of our region of the state which is approximately 60 percent Caucasian, 35 percent African American, and 5 percent Hispanic/Latino. Our overall enrollment since 2007 has been between 36-40 students at any one-time with incoming fall term classes of 12-15 students. A shift in the proportion of males to females has occurred, with approximately 60 percent of our students being women. The proportion of African Americans enrolled in our program has increased over time. In any single term, approximately 15-20 percent of our students are of African American descent. Each year we also have one or two international students enrolled.

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