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Undergraduate Minor in Security Studies

What is the Undergraduate Minor in Security Studies? It is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program, hosted by the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences. It combines courses from the disciplines of Political Science, Sociology, History and Geography with courses from other colleges: the College of Human Ecology (Criminal Justice); College of Health and Human Performance (Environmental Health); and the College of Technology and Computer Science (Emergency Planning and Information Security).

The Undergraduate Minor in Security Studies is a 24 semester hour program of study, which compliments other degree programs at the university. Students can choose to major in any career field, professional program or liberal arts curriculum which allows for a minor field of study. Students are required to take 15 semester hours of core courses and 9 hours of electives.

Within the core courses, students must take SECS 1000 Introduction to Security Studies, which is currently offered in Fall semesters. During their senior year, students must also take SECS 4000 Senior Seminar in Security Studies, which is offered in the Spring. Therefore, students considering a minor in security studies, must have at least two academic years remaining at ECU, in order to be able to complete the course of study.

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