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TitleAcademic Regulations - Undergraduate
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Sub-categoryDegree Requirements, Undergraduate
AuthorityProvost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Revised April 30, 2018.


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1. Introduction

The undergraduate catalog is offered online in a digital format.The current undergraduate catalog and archived undergraduate catalogs are accessible on the Office of the Registrar website at:

The undergraduate catalog is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute a contractual agreement between a student and East Carolina University. The university reserves the right to make changes in curricula, degree requirements, course offerings, or academic regulations at any time when, in the judgment of the faculty, the Chancellor, or the Board of Trustees, such changes are in the best interest of the students and the university.

Ordinarily, a student may expect to earn a degree in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum described in the official catalog in effect when he or she first entered the university or in any subsequent catalog published while he or she is a student, but the faculty of the university reserves the right to make changes in curricula and in regulations at any time when in its judgment such changes are for the best interest of the students and of the university. No student pursuing his or her first baccalaureate degree or double major will be permitted to graduate under a catalog issued more than five years prior to the date of his or her graduation. No student pursuing a second baccalaureate degree will be permitted to graduate under a catalog issued more than three years prior to the date of his or her graduation.

1.1. Academic Regulations

The following academic regulations are identified in the university’s undergraduate catalog and are valid until such time as revisions are made in a regulation. Revisions to regulations are posted in the Undergraduate Catalog upon approval and are in effect as stated in the regulations.

1.1.1 The Undergraduate Catalog Changing Catalogs

1.1.2 Attendance and Participation

1.1.3 Disruptive Academic Behavior

1.1.4 Courses Selection of Courses Course Load Course Substitutions Course Repetition Independent Study Courses

1.1.5 Registration and Schedule Changes Early Registration Course and Term Withdrawal Course Withdrawal Allotment During Course Adjustment Period After Course Adjustment Period Course Withdrawal Term Withdrawal Extenuating Circumstances Course or Term Withdrawal Refund Rule

1.1.6 Course Credits Credit by Examination Credit by Transfer Upon Admission Military Credit Taking Courses at another United States College or University

1.1.7 Examinations and Quizzes Final Examinations Intermediate Tests and Quizzes

1.1.8 Grading System Grade Points and Grade Point Average Chancellor’s List, Dean’s List, and Honor Roll Grade Appeals Change of Grade Removal of Incompletes Grade Replacement Policy

1.1.9 Academic Eligibility Standards Academic Standing Suspension Readmission Following Suspension Readmission Under Forgiveness Policy

1.1.10 Student Educational Records Policy on Posting Grades Transcripts of Records Privacy of Student Educational Records Policy Access to Student Educational Records Change of Name and Address Release of Directory Information