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1. Introduction and Background

North Carolina General Statutes Chapters 121 and 132 direct the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (NCDNCR) to administer records management services to public colleges and universities. NCDNCR fulfils this mandate through the Government Records Section of the State Archives (Government Records) and is the approving authority for records retention and disposition schedules and for the use of document imaging systems for retention purposes. Government Records provides a template, Electronic Records and Imaging Policy and Procedures, for universities to complete prior to using a document imaging system for records retention. An approved document imaging system may allow for the destruction of the original document after a specified period of time in accordance with the University’s records retention schedule and destruction of records procedures.

2. Document Imaging System

East Carolina University (ECU or University) requires efficient methods of creation, storage and retrieval of records, including the adoption of information technology systems for creating, managing, and storing records in a digital format. ApplicationXtender is a document imaging system. Government Records approved the University’s Xtender Electronic Records and Imaging Regulation and Procedures for ApplicationXtender on March 21, 2018. This approval allows the University to use ApplicationXtender for records retention.

3. Application and Requirements

This regulation applies to all University departments, employees, agents and others with access to or supervisory roles related to University’s ApplicationXtender. Users are required to adhere to the record and imaging procedures and applicable standards provided by University’s Xtender Electronic Records and Imaging Regulation and Procedures implementing this Regulation. The implementing procedures may be subject to periodic updates. Any such revisions will be conducted in consultation with the Office of University Counsel.