University Policy Manual


Welcome to the East Carolina University Policy Manual, the official repository of all approved policies, regulations, and rules (PRRs) at East Carolina University. The procedures for formatting, adopting and publishing PRRs are available in the governing regulation REG 01.15.01. The Help section in the menu provide additional information to assist in the development of new PRRs, revision of existing PRRs, and other general information.

New and revised policies, regulations and rules will be posted to the University Policy Manual during the last week of each month or will be announced specifically through both the ECU Official listserv and by email to the ECU Board of Trustees (BOT Resolution of April 9, 2016). All new and revised PRRs will be listed within the Recently Updated section of this website.

Existing expressions of policy published in other documents remain in effect until or unless superseded by a PRR published in the University Policy Manual or otherwise repealed. Many existing published statements of policy can be found through the Policy Sources section in the menu on the policy manual homepage.

The University Policy Committee (UPC) serves as the coordinating and advisory body responsible for the development of the University Policy Manual. The work of this committee is important in relation to the commitment to a clear and transparent process for policy development at East Carolina University. For additional information, please contact the appropriate committee representative; you will find the committee roster in the Committee section of the menu.