Office of Public Service and Community Relations

Carnegie Digital SealThrough a centralized administrative infrastructure, the Office of Public Service and Community Relations is responsible for the quality improvement of public service through strategic planning and strategic assessment, coordination of ECU's public service endeavors, and the development of students, faculty and staff who conduct quality public service. Using collaboration as a strategy, the office enhances ECU's relationships with communities. 

Please download the office's public service brochure to see how we are accomplishing university-wide goals of student success, public service, and regional transformation. The Strategic Action Plan for the Office of Public Service and Community Relations can be found here

Since 1915, ECU’s motto has been Servire or “to serve” and the institution’s history includes many examples of service to the region and state. The Office of Public Service and Community Relations works to further the commitments and responsibilities set forth in ECU's 2014-2019 Strategic Action Plan. The long range outcomes of public service are:

  • Students who have a sense of their connection to communities and other stakeholders and who apply their knowledge in the public domain to make the world a better place
  • Empowered communities who collaborate with ECU in addressing problems and resolving issues
  • Broad interprofessional networks of scholars focused on community issues
  • Recognition of public service as a valued component of ECU
  • Operationalization of ECU's mission