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Health Psychology Doctoral Program

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Health Psychology Doctoral Program

The Department of Psychology offers a Ph.D. in Health Psychology with concentrations in Clinical Health Psychology, Occupational Health Psychology, and Pediatric School Psychology.

Health Psychology is the educational, scientific, and professional contribution of psychology to (1) understanding the etiology, promotion, and maintenance of health; (2) the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of physical and mental illness; (3) the study of psychological, social, emotional, and behavioral factors in physical and mental illness; and (4) the improvement of the health care system and formulation of health policy.

The Health Psychology Ph.D. program is based on a biopsychosocial approach to understanding health and illness. Health and illness are viewed as the product of a combination of factors, including biological characteristics (e.g., genetic predispositions), psychological and behavioral factors (e.g., lifestyle, stress, health beliefs), and psychosocial conditions (e.g., cultural influences, family relationships, social support, school experiences).

Our philosophy of training is rooted in the scientist-practitioner model in which psychologists are trained as both scientists (competent to engage in scientific research) and practitioners (competent to provide clinical services).

Clinical Health Psychology

"The Clinical Health concentration will train psychologists to deliver clinical services in settings such as primary health care team in hospitals, rehabilitation, psychiatry, oncology, cardiology, geriatrics, pain clinics, sleep medicine, pediatrics, health maintenance organizations, community mental health agencies, and in the private practice of health psychology."

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Occupational Health Psychology

"Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) involves the interdisciplinary partnerships of psychological and occupational health science professionals seeking to improve the quality of working life, and enhance the safety, health and well-being of workers in all occupations."

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Pediatric School Psychology

"Pediatric School Psychology is an emerging sub-specialty of school psychology that includes the competencies of both school psychology and health psychology. Pediatric school psychologists bring the understanding of learning, development and schools that is characteristic of school psychologists and develop the knowledge of health problems and the health care system that is characteristic of the health psychologist."

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