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Rosina Chia, Ph.D.

Office: Umstead 114
Phone: 252-328-6277
Fax: 252-328-9049

Mailing Address:

104 Rawl Building
Department of Psychology
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858-4353


Ph.D., Social Psychology, The University of Michigan
M.A., Psychology, The University of Michigan
B.A., Psychology, Taiwan University

Research Interests:

Dr. Chia's research interest is in the area of cross-cultural comparison in values and Attitudes.  Bring born and raised in China, her research work has been mainly the comparison of Chinese and Americans.  In the last decade seeing that only a small percentage of students from any country can afford to study abroad in another country, she and her ECU colleague Dr. Elmer Poe pioneered the global understanding project by bringing students from other countries onto one's own campus via synchronous, real time, virtual technology, using tools such as DVC, Centra, Skype, Wiki, etc.  Since 2004 this project has grown to include 28 institutions from 20 countries and continues to grow.  Its innovative approach in using state of the art technologies and cost-effectiveness approach has led to several national awards for this project.

Selected publications in peer refereed journals:

Chia, R. C., Poe, E., Boney, L., Kim, J. Y. & Maysami, R. C. (in press). How to adapt one proven best practice globalization project across campuses within the UNC system. Journal of Higher Education Management.

Chia, R. C. & Poe, E. (2011). East Carolina University Global Understanding Project. Journal of Higher Education Management, 26, 17-27.

Chia, R. C., Poe, E. & Yang, B. (2011). Building networks for technology-based student engagement: East Carolina University's global understanding model. In D. Obst & S. Sutton (Eds.), Developing Strategic International Partnerships: Best Practices and Innovative Approaches. New York: Institute of International Education.

Chia, R. C., Poe, E., & Wuensch, K. L.  (2009). Attitude change after taking a virtual global understanding course. International Journal of Social Sciences, 4, 75-79.

Chia, R. C., Poe, E., & Parikshat, S. (2008)  An interactive virtual global cultural course: Building a real time cost effective global collaborative learning environment. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning, 3, 187.

Chia, R. C. & Poe, E.(2004). Innovations in International Education.  International Psychology Reporter, Spring,  7-12.

Chia, R. C., Ling, W.Q., & Fang, L. (2000). Chinese Implicit Leaderships Theory.  Journal of Social Psychology, 140, 729-739.

Recent Presentations:

Chia, R. C., Poe, E., Yang, B., Chen, J., Irias, L., Ullrich, K., & Manhas, P. S. (February, 2012). Global climate change: Student collaboration from 5 countries. Paper presented at the American International Education Association. San Francisco, CA.

Chia, R. C. & Poe, E. (April, 2011). Multi Tools for a Multi-National Course. Paper presented at the National Social Science Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

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