John G. Cope, Ph.D.


Office: Rawl 110
Phone: 252-328-6497
Fax: 252-328-6283
104 Rawl Building
Department of Psychology
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858-4353



Ph.D.,Virginia Tech
M.S.,Augusta State University


Research Interests

My current research focus concerns the study of predictors of career choice behavior.  I am ultimately interested in the development of a model that will allow for the prediction of career paths at various stages of professional development.  I am also interested in the various assessment tools that might be used in helping (i.e., coaching) executives to fine-tune career decisions.

Historically, my research has involved the use of applied behavioral strategies to address large-scale organizational and community problems.  Some of the focus areas found within my publications include, safety belt use in organizational settings, illegal use of public parking reserved for those with disabilities, and way-finding strategies in retail environments.


Ph.D., The University of Florida
M.S., The University of Florida
B.A., Yale University


Research Interests

Dr. Campbell is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and clinical researcher. Her research focuses on ethnic disparities in pain conditions and cancer outcomes, as well as developing culturally sensitive psychosocial and behavioral interventions to enhance post-treatment quality of life in African American prostate cancer survivors. Dr. Campbell's research is funded by the National Cancer Institute and the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program.


Selected Publications in Peer Refereed Journals

Green C. R., Anderson, K. O., Baker T. A., Campbell L. C., Decker S., Fillingim R. B., Kaloukalani, D. A., Lasch K. E., Myers C. D., Tait R. C., Todd K. H. & Vallerand A. H. (2003). The unequal burden of pain: Confronting racial and ethnic disparities in pain. Pain Medicine, 4, 277-294.

Dominick, K. L., Bosworth, H. B., Dudley, T. K., Waters, S. J., Campbell, L. C. & Keefe, F. J. (2004). Patterns of Opioid Analgesic Prescription among Patients with Osteoarthritis. Journal of Pain and Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy, 18, 31-46.

Campbell, L. C., Keefe, F. J., McKee, D. C., Edwards, C. L., Herman, S. H., Johnson, L.E., Colvin, O. M., McBride, C. M., & Donatucci, C. (2004). Prostate Cancer in African Americans: Relationship of patient and partner self-efficacy to quality of life. Journal of Pain & Symptom Management: Including Palliative Care, 28, 433-444.

Campbell, L. C., Keefe, F. J., Scipio, C.,  McKee, D. C., Edwards, C. L., Herman, S. H., Johnson, L.E., Colvin, O. M., McBride, C. M., & Donatucci, C. (2007). Facilitating Research Participation and Improving Quality of Life for African American Prostate Cancer Survivors and Their Intimate Partners: A Pilot Study of Telephone-Based Coping Skills Training. Cancer, Supp: 414-424.