East Carolina University
Department of Psychology

Supplemental Application for Graduate Admission

     Please complete the application and submit it electronically.  The necessary graduate school forms will be sent to the mailing address indicated below.  Admission to a graduate program in the Department of Psychology at East Carolina University is contingent upon meeting all requirements of the Graduate School and upon being recommended by the Graduate Admissions Committee of the Department of Psychology.

1.  Personal Information

First Name 

Middle Name or Initial 

Last Name 

2.  Mailing address:

Street (Line 1) 

Street (Line 2) 



Zip Code 

3.  email address: 

4.  Telephone number: 

5.  Date of Proposed Entrance:   Semester     Year 

6.  Program for which you wish to be considered.  (Note.  Admission is for one program only.  Program switching at a later date is not possible.  The PhD program requires an interview of the final candidates for admission.  The other programs may request an interview.):

First Choice: 

Second Choice: 

7.  In which state are you claiming residency?

8.  Undergraduate Information:

College graduated or expect to graduate from:


Undergraduate Major: 

Minor (if applicable): 

Computed on a 4-point scale (A=4; B=3; C=2; D=1; F=0):

Cumulative GPA: 

Junior & Senior Years: 

Psychology Courses: 

The following courses (or their equivalents) are strongly recommended or may be required of students prior to entering a graduate program in Psychology. For each course completed, please indicate the grade you received, or if you are currently enrolled in the course or have not taken the course.
Course A B C D F Currently Enrolled Not Taken
Introductory Psychology
Research Methods or Experimental Psychology
Learning or Cognition
Neuroscience or Physiological Psychology
Psychometrics or Tests & Measurement
Psychopathology or Abnormal Psychology

9.  GRE Scores:

I have the following GRE scores:

Verbal:      Quantitative:      Analytical: 

  I have not yet taken the GRE.

  I have taken the GRE but have not yet received the results.

10.  Financial Support:

Are you interested in a Psychology Department Assistantship: Yes No

If an assistantship is not available (select one):

   I do not want to be considered for admission.

    I can attend but must obtain outside financial support.

    I can attend without financial assistance.

Note.  If you wish to be considered for an assistantship, you will be required to complete an additional from prior to acceptance.  For other types of financial aid, contact the University Financial Aid Office, Old Cafeteria, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC  27858-4353.

11. Prior Experiences:

By clicking on the Submit button below, I am indicating that information in this application is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge.  Furthermore, I am requesting that application materials from the Graduate School at East Carolina University be sent to the address listed above.