Program Evaluation

REACH Evaluation Plan

Despite the importance of a Patient Safety, Quality Improvement and Interprofessional Education curriculum in undergraduate education, little evidence is available describing methods to assess these types of learning. Assessing student impact on patient safety and institutional change is particularly difficult since students are unable to independently make decisions regarding patient care.

Despite these challenges, student learning and education delivery will be assessed for the REACH project with outcomes at three levels: for the longitudinal curriculum for all students, for enhanced leadership development for the LINC Scholars, and for faculty development for the Teacher of Quality Academy (TQA) faculty. The evaluation plan of the REACH project is being designed to minimize measurement burden and to incorporate, wherever possible, measures and instruments that will already be used for educational processes; the evaluation plan has been approved by the University Medical Center Office of Human Research Integrity.

  • Longitudinal core curriculum (all students)
    • Patient safety/Quality Improvement knowledge and attitudes
    • Population health
    • Evidence-based medicine
    • Teamwork skills
  • Enhanced leadership curriculum (LINC Scholars)
    • Leadership- knowledge, attitudes, and skill acquisition
    • Inter-professional teamwork skills
  • Teachers of quality academy (TQA) faculty members
    • Patient safety/Quality improvement knowledge and skills
    • A portfolio of skill development and completed QI projects
    • Faculty development in teaching and participating in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

In addition, Dr. Lazorick and the REACH faculty will be working with the AMA Consortium evaluation committee to complete common measures and share evaluation results across all 11 participating institutions to assure the sponsor can describe more broadly the achievements of the consortium effort and make results and lessons learned more applicable to improve medical education at other interested schools

REACH Work Groups