Frank Dembowski

Frank Dembowski

I am proud to have majored in Religious Studies because it shaped my intellectual thinking, my potential as a working citizen, and my spiritual life. I certainly benefitted from the Religious Studies Program academically, but more importantly, Religious Studies had an ineffable impact on how I experience life. -Frank


Mansi Trivedi

The time I have spent in the Religious Studies Program at ECU has completely changed the way I view education…after taking courses in religious studies that have forced me to challenge and critically assess my beliefs, I have learned that the path towards true knowledge and discovery is not necessarily the easiest one. When you put yourself in challenging situations and when you ask yourself those hard contemplative questions, you truly learn and discover something new about yourself. -Mansi


Aashna Lala
Aashna graduated with a double major in Religious Studies and Biology.

“I'm really grateful for that day that you convinced me to double major. It is helping me so much in med school. It is also something that has made me stand out and be different from all the other 'nerds' here.” -Aashna

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