The RENCI Engagement Center at ECU operated from 2007-2013. This website is an archive of the research and engagement activity over those years. Several of our projects continue at ECU. For instance, see the NC Coastal Atlas ( for current news and information. This site is no longer being updated. Parties interested in these projects and ongoing related activities may contact Dr. Tom Allen, past Director of RENCI@ECU at



East Carolina University (ECU)

Interesting Links

Hurricane Intercept Research Team (HIRT)
Through their website,, the HIRT provides live video feeds and weather data from inside dangerous hurricanes. Their information is used by the public, local emergency management, FEMA, the National Hurricane Center, and the media.

North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program

Newport District SKYWARN
The Newport District SKYWARN™ trains storm spotters and covers a fifteen-county area within Eastern North Carolina and serves the Newport-Morehead City National Weather Service Office by providing real-time conditions on the ground when severe weather strikes.

Human Dimensions is an online portal of cross-agency information and tools related to the human dimensions of natural resource management. This is a dynamic site that grows with user contributions, so keep checking for new content.

NC Coastal Evacuation Plans and Routes
This site, provided by station WRAL, provides a map, tips, and time estimates for coastal NC evacuations.

Hurricane Evacuation Zones Tool Template
Use this template, provided by NOAA Coastal Services Center, with your agency's data to develop a mapping application that citizens can use to find their hurricane evacuation zones.

Sea Level Rise Map
This Google mapplet allows you to simulate sea level rise anywhere in the world. See how the world's coastlines would change if sea level rose 3, 10, or even 100 feet.

Coastal Hazards Information Clearinghouse
This site, provided by Western Carolina University, is full of information, maps, and photos of storm damage.

Duracell Storm Simulator
Take control of the wind and rains and watch the devestation. Then learn valuable safety and planning tips for when the real storm comes.