The RENCI Engagement Center at ECU operated from 2007-2013. This website is an archive of the research and engagement activity over those years. Several of our projects continue at ECU. For instance, see the NC Coastal Atlas ( for current news and information. This site is no longer being updated. Parties interested in these projects and ongoing related activities may contact Dr. Tom Allen, past Director of RENCI@ECU at



The North Carolina Coastal Atlas is an online mapping and investigation system that provides both static and interactive maps and related data and information for exploration, analysis and learning about coastal issues and resources for  students, managers, scientists, teachers, and the public.

The NC Coastal Atlas is produced by a team committed to sharing and promoting the use of coastal geospatial data and technology for education, broad public use and decision-making. The Atlas project is managed by a steering committee providing overall governance, standards and procedures, and data stewardship.. The steering committee determines the design, data, and tools to offer end users, and is committed to the use of best practices for data management and accessibility for the public good.

The Atlas is supported by grants and contracts from stakeholders and in-kind contributions from the North Carolina Division of Coastal Management, NOAA, North Carolina Sea Grant,, ECU Academic Library Services, ECU Center for GIScience, and the ECU Institute for Coastal Science and Policy.