"Don't Get Blown Away" Outreach Program

Students and a parent learn about hurricanes from online simulations.

July 9, 2009
Windsor, NC & Washington, NC

Outreach coordinator Michelle Covi and the RENCI ROVER took educational programs for children and parents to two sites operated by Partnership for the Sounds. The program, "Don’t Get Blown Away by Hurricanes," featured an educational overview of hurricane science and emergency preparation along with hands-on activities for a variety of age groups.

At the Roanoke/Cashie River Center in Windsor, NC, elementary school campers participated in hurricane mapping and investigated the many ways in which weather forecasters and emergency management officials communicate with the public during severe weather emergencies. Campers toured the RENCI ROVER, which features on-board amateur radio equipment, and listened to a simulated radio broadcast before tracking the location of a hypothetical hurricane as it crossed the Atlantic.

Estuarium visitors tour the ROVER on the waterfront.

At the North Carolina Estuarium in Washington, NC, parents and children tracked storms and experiemented with educational computer simulations that allowed students to create and aim a simulated hurricane to better understand hurricane science. Younger children made and colored hurricane spinners. The public toured the RENCI ROVER on the waterfront adjacent to the Estuarium. The event was covered by Channel 12 news.

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