Climate Change Workshop

"Ask the Climate Question" Workshop Logo.

March 2–3, 2010
Raleigh, NC

RENCI at ECU Director, Dr. Tom Allen, joined Jim Fox, director of RENCI at UNC Asheville, and Dr. Vicky Bott, of RENCI at UNC Charlotte to present "Understanding Regional Variations in the Potential Impact of Climate Change: Mountains, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain" at a climate change adaption workshop entitled "Ask the Climate Question: Planning for North Carolina’s Future" sponsored by the North Carolina Interagency Leadership Team.

The RENCI team showed the group of over 450 conference participants from across the state how climate change might impact their communities differently in the mountain, piedmont, and coastal regions. The presentation wrapped up a day-and-a-half of discussion about climate change impacts, analyses, and responses.

The final afternoon of the workshop was dedicated to a series of regional breakout sessions, led by RENCI, that captured the reactions and creative ideas of the workshop participants in response to the information they had received. The facilitated discussions explored the local effects of climate change, what tools are needed to prepare communities for climate change, and the kinds of support needed to persuade decision makers to act. The RENCI team then presented the results of the breakout sessions to conference participants.

Videos and slides of all the presentations are available at the conference website.

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