2011 Visualization Challenge Participants

Cal Ryan Scheinert, Geography (Undergraduate Winner)
Digital terrain models of debris flow activity at Chalk Cliffs, Colorado

Daniel Bera, Maritime Studies
Examining two shipwrecks on the Cooper River in South Carolina

Jeffrey Chmielewski, Biology
Salivary Gland with Polytene chromosomes in D. melanogaster

Hillary Huffer, Coastal Resources Management (Graduate 1st Runner Up)
Multi-criteria Spatial Analysis of Oil Rig Suitability in the Gulf of Mexico

Nathaniel F. Howe, Maritime Studies
De-constructing and Reconstructing the Pacific Schooner Wawona

Chad Hunter, Biology
A SEM picture of a Wild Type Drosophila melanogaster (common fruit fly)

Thad Wester, Geography (Graduate Winner)
Visualizations of models from point clouds.

Michael Rubens, Biology
Apoptosis in Drosophila melanogaster ovarioles

RENCI @ ECU presents the 4th Annual Visualization Challenge

From cave drawings to Egyptian hieroglyphics, Greek geometry to Ptolemy's maps, and DaVinci's technical Renaissance drawings, humans have employed visualization through history to understand and shape our world. Computer graphics have more recently revolutionized scientific investigation and artistic expression.

The VisWall Challenge is an opportunity for students to advance and showcase their visual insights and creativity and to use ECU's 21x6-foot visualization wall ("VisWall"), a high-resolution, immersive display in Brewster C-202.

All students interested in scientific, creative, and educational visualization are encouraged to participate. Previous year’s entries ranged from 3D archeological ship reconstruction to vegetation mapping to genetic disease research using fruit flies.

Training and technical assistance using the VisWall is provided by RENCI faculty and staff. Presentations are approximately 10 minutes long and open to questions from the audience. Visit the video page for previous VisWall Challenges and particpants.

Faculty judges will evaluate the entries. The first place entry will be recognized during the 2011 Research and Creative Achievement Week. Student participants will also receive a $100 incentive stipend.

Entry form due January 21, 2011 available here: 2011 VisWall Challenge Entry Form

For further information, contact Michelle Covi, covim@ecu.edu or 737-1773. Also, be sure to attend an informational session on January 18, 2011 at 3PM in Brewster C-202 where participants can talk with RENCI staff about potential entries and ways to best utilize the technology.

Schedule of Events

  • Information Session: January 18, at 3PM in Brewster C-202
  • Entry Form Due: January 21, 2011
  • Challenge Day: March 29, 2011 at 2PM in Brewster C-202

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