Track of Hurricane Floyd.

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North Carolina's Hurricane History
by Jay Barnes

This excerpt is from the chapter on Hurricane Floyd in the book North Carolina's Hurricane History, Third Edition, by Jay Barnes. This book was an invaluable resource for the Storms to Life project.

Faces from the Flood: Hurricane Floyd Remembered
by Richard Moore and Jay Barnes

This book chronicles the experiences of those who lived through Hurricane Floyd. It includes stories, maps, tables, photographs, and 37 interviews with victims, heroes, volunteers, scientists, and government officials.

Forces of Nature: Hurricane Floyd
National Geographic

This resource includes additional videos, maps, and photographs on hurricanes. For information specific to Hurricane Floyd, click the "Case Studies" tab on the right, then click tab 4 on the left.

Hurricane Floyd 10th Anniversary
National Weather Service

This website provides information on Floyd's impact and also discusses some of the new forecasting technologies that have been developed since. Particularly interesting is the interactive hydrograph.

Interactive Satellite Tracking Map

Hurricane Floyd's Lasting Legacy:
Assessing the Storm's Impact on the Carolina Coast

by David Herring, NASA Earth Observatory

This series of short articles explains the surprisingly small impact the sediment and pollution runoff from Floyd had on river ecosystems.

Preliminary Report: Hurricane Floyd
National Hurricane Center

This detailed report also includes many tables and graphs of measurement data.

Event Summary: Hurricane Floyd, September 1999
NWS Raleigh

This short case study describes Floyd's track, winds, and especially its rainfall.

Two Months of Flooding in Eastern North Carolina, September – October 1999: Hydrologic Water-Quality and Geologic Effects of Hurricanes Dennis, Floyd, and Irene
USGS Raleigh

This online report contains large amounts of data, graphs, and pictures related to the flooding in Eastern North Carolina in 1999.

Hurricane Floyd Assessment: Review of Hurricane Evacuation Studies Utilization and Information Dissemination
NOAA Coastal Services Center

This book-length report examines what information and products were helpful during the Floyd evacuation. (This is a large PDF document, 56.9 MB.)