Track of Hurricane Fran.

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North Carolina's Hurricane History
by Jay Barnes

This excerpt is from the chapter on Hurricane Fran in the book North Carolina's Hurricane History, Third Edition, by Jay Barnes. This book was an invaluable resource for the Storms to Life project.

Hurricane Fran 10-year Anniversary

This interactive website contains news clips from WRAL's coverage of Fran.

Interactive Satellite Tracking Map

Dome in a Hurricane
Natural Spaces Domes

This webpage contains a collection of photos that describe the effects of Hurricanes Bertha and Fran on one family's dome house.

Flight into Fran
by Jack Williams,

In this article Jack Williams describes his experience on one of NOAA's hurricane hunter aircraft as it flew through the eye of Fran.

The Days During and After Hurricane Fran

This personal journal describes the events of living through Hurricane Fran and its aftermath in the Raleigh area.

Preliminary Report: Hurricane Fran
National Hurricane Center

This detailed report also includes many tables and graphs of measurement data.

Event Summary: Hurricane Fran, September 1996
NWS Raleigh

This brief summary describes Fran's track, winds, and rain.