Track of Hurricane Hazel.

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North Carolina's Hurricane History
by Jay Barnes

This excerpt is from the chapter on Hurricane Hazel in the book North Carolina's Hurricane History, Third Edition, by Jay Barnes. This book was an invaluable resource for the Storms to Life project.

Hurricane Hazel Documentary

This website contains a 20-minute documentary on Hurricane Hazel produced in 2004 by the Raleigh news station WRAL. This site also includes a radio archive, photograph slideshows, and a discussion with East Carolina University geologist Stan Riggs about what would happen if another hurricane like Hazel were to strike North Carolina today.

The Wrath of Hurricane Hazel
Canadian Broadcasting Company

This website contains many archived television and radio news clips about Hurricane Hazel and its aftermath.

Worst Hurricane in North Carolina: 50 Years Later
by Willie Drye, National Geographic News

This article tells the story of Connie (Helms) Ledgett and her husband who survived Hazel by floating on a materess.

Event Summary: Hurricane Hazel, October 1954
by Michael Strickler, Douglas Schneider, and Jonathan Blaes, NWS Raleigh

This short case study describes Hazel's track, winds, storm surge, and impact.

Hurricane Hazel
NOAA Coastal Services Center

This website provides a short list of statistics of Hazel's impact on North Carolina.

Hurricane History: Hazel 1954
NOAA National Hurricane Center

This website summarizes many historical hurricanes in a few paragraphs each.