Track of the San Ciriaco Hurricane.

Economic Impact

Many ships such as this one were driven ashore or sunk during the storm.

NC Division of Archives and History; printed in The Great Hurricanes of North Carolina by John Hairr.

Ocracoke and Hatteras Islands were devastated by the San Ciriaco Hurricane. A few days after the storm, the Washington Gazette reported the conditions on Ocracoke: "Thirty-three homes were destroyed and two churches were wrecked. Practically every house on the island was damaged to some extent." On Hatteras, the property damage alone was estimated to exceed $436,000.* Livestock didn’t fare much better; hundreds of ponies, sheep, and cows were also drowned in the five-foot storm tide.

The San Ciriaco Hurricane’s raging waves also wrecked havoc out at sea. During the storm, fourteen ships off the North Carolina coast wrecked or were lost without a trace.

*The original estimate in 1899 dollars was $20,000. The inflation calculator cannot calculate the value of dollars earlier than 1913; thus, $436,000 is the 2009 equivalent of $20,000 in 1913.