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Great Beaufort 1879 Sept 1913 Hazel 1954 Diana 1984 Fran 1996
Sept 1883 Outer Banks 1933 Donna 1960 Gloria 1985 Floyd 1999
San Ciriaco 1899 Great Atlantic 1944 Agnes 1972 Hugo 1989 Isabel 2003

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Hurricane Deaths in North Carolina

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Year Deadliest (NC) Deadliest
(US rank)*
Costliest (NC) Costliest
(US rank)*
Windiest (NC) Highest Surge (NC) Most Rain (NC) Most Intense (NC)
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All dollar amounts have been adjusted for inflation as of 2009.
Sources: National Hurricane Center Archives, NOAA Coastal Services Center, North Carolina's Hurricane History by Jay Barnes, NWS Raleigh, Wikipedia, Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator,
* US rankings are based on the official NWS report, which adjusted cost estimates for inflation as of 2006.