The RENCI Engagement Center at ECU operated from 2007-2013. This website is an archive of the research and engagement activity over those years. Several of our projects continue at ECU. For instance, see the NC Coastal Atlas ( for current news and information. This site is no longer being updated. Parties interested in these projects and ongoing related activities may contact Dr. Tom Allen, past Director of RENCI@ECU at



GigaPan image of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse near Buxton, NC

A "GigaPan" is a very high resolution panoramic image created by three technological innovations: a robotic camera mount, very high resolution digital images stitched together into panoramas, and Web technology for sharing and commenting on GigaPans from around the globe.

The GigaPan technology promotes sharing of imagery for geographic understanding of many kinds, including cultural, environmental, and social. RENCI at ECU has begun to investigate the unique capabilities of GigaPans for capturing coastal phenomena, such as hazards, structures, and significant historical resources. Ultra-high resolution images could be useful to understanding coastal processes (e.g., repeat photography) and provide an important archival record of our unique maritime heritage, architecture, and design.

Take a look at our samples. Zoom in from a wide, panoramic view to an extreme close-up of some fine detail. For example, in the image of ECU Trustees' Fountain below, you can zoom in close enough to read the names on the stone. To see more GigaPan images, visit

GigaPan image of the new Trustees' Fountain at East Carolina University

GigaPan image from atop the Currituck Lighthouse in Corolla, NC