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Symposium Schedules

Public Forum    September 17

Day 1, September 17, focuses on the response to and recovery from Hurricane Floyd. CNHR will host speakers from across the country to discuss a wide array of topics:

  • Lessons learned from Hurricane Floyd
  • State of the region since the flood
  • Ways in which state and local officials are addressing issues related to natural disasters
  • Ways citizens can better protect themselves and their properties from future disasters

City Hotel & Bistro | Map
203 Greenville Blvd SW
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 355-8300

Mention the "ECU Hurricane Symposium" when making hotel reservations to get a discounted rate ($79).

Forum Schedule      PDF version

12:30 1:00 Welcoming Remarks

Dean Alan White and Jamie Kruse, East Carolina University

1:00 1:45 Emergency Preparedness Demonstration: Increasing Disaster Awareness and Preparedness in Disadvantaged Communities

Moderator John Cooper, MDC Inc.

2:00 2:45 Human Dimensions of Hurricane Floyd

Moderator Burrell Montz, East Carolina University

3:00 3:15 Introduction of Keynote Speaker

by Gavin Smith, director of DHS Center of Excellence

3:15 4:00 Keynote Speaker

Governor Jim Hunt

4:10 4:55 Emerging Technology for Hazards Risk Reduction

Moderator Tom Allen, East Carolina University

5:10 5:55 Faces from the Flood

Jay Barnes, NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores

6:00 6:45 Social and Cocktails (cash bar)
7:00     Dinner and Speaker

The Honorable Richard Moore

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Research Conference    September 18

Day 2, September 18, brings researchers from various fields of hazards research to ECU to discuss broader issues related to mitigation, response, and recovery. Please join us to hear about the latest in cutting-edge natural hazards research.

City Hotel & Bistro | Map
203 Greenville Blvd SW
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 355-8300

Mention the "ECU Hurricane Symposium" when making hotel reservations to get a discounted rate ($79).

Conference Schedule      PDF version

8:30 8:40 Welcoming Remarks

Jamie Kruse, Scott Curtis, and Craig E. Landry
Center for Natural Hazards Research

8:40 9:00 Hurricane Floyd Then and Now: A Forecasting Perspective

Jeff Orrock, NWS Raleigh

9:00 9:20 Back to the Future: Satellite Precipitation as a Tool to Reanalyze Hurricane Floyd and Forecast Probabilities of Extreme Rainfall in Eastern North Carolina

Scott Curtis, East Carolina University

9:20 9:40 Changes in Flood Characteristics after a Major Event: Re-evaluating the Effect of Hurricane Floyd on Future Flood Response

Jennifer Arrigo, East Carolina University

9:40 10:00 The 1999 Flood of the Century: Extraordinary Hydrometeorological Event or Human-Induced Catastrophe?

Scott A. Lecce and Erica S. Kotecki, East Carolina University

10:00 10:20 Material Transport in Coastal North Carolina following Hurricanes: A Remote-Sensing Perspective of Hurricane Floyd's Impact

Richard L. Miller, Stanley R. Riggs,
and Christopher J. Buonassissi
East Carolina University and UNC Coastal Studies Institute

10:20 10:30 BREAK
10:30 10:50 African Easterly Waves and Rainfall Variability in Niger during the 2006 AMMA Field Campaign

Rosana Nieto Ferreira and Thomas Rickenbach
East Carolina University

10:50 11:10 An Investigation of the Meteorological Impacts of Hurricane Floyd in Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina

Jeffrey Lewitsky, NWS Wakefield, VA

11:10 11:30 CI-FLOW: Evaluating and Testing New Technologies for Accurate and Timely Identification of Inland and Coastal Floods in the Tar-Pamlico and Neuse River Basins of Coastal North Carolina

Suzanne Van Cooten, Jack Thigpen, and Robert Bacon
National Severe Storm Lab, North Carolina Sea Grant Program, and South Carolina Sea Grant Program

11:30 11:50 Prototyping a Hurricane-Flood-Landslide-Continuum Prediction System: A CI-FLOW Contribution to North Carolina and Broader Coastal Regions

Yang Hong, J.J. Gourley, Humberto J. VergaraArrieta,
Zonghu Liao, Suzanne Van Cooten, and Kevin Kelleher
University of Oklahoma and National Severe Storm Lab

11:50 12:10 Towards a Hydrometeorology Testbed in the Southeast: Current Plans and Prospects

Jian-Wen Bao, NOAA Earth Systems Research Lab

12:10 1:30 Introduction

Richard Bandy, NWS Newport

Charting the Course

Laura K. Furgione, NOAA Assistant Administrator,
Office of Program Planning and Integration

Working Lunch

1:30 1:50 Flood Insurance Coverage in Dare County: Before and After Floyd

Craig E. Landry, East Carolina University

1:50 2:10 Property Values and Flood Risk: What Happens to Premiums over Time?

Okmyung Bin and Craig E. Landry, East Carolina University

2:10 2:30 Home-Buyer Sentiment and Hurricane Landfalls

Robert T. Burrus Jr., J. Edward Graham Jr., William W. Hall,
and Peter W. Schuhmann
University of North Carolina at Wilmington

2:30 2:50 Hurricanes and Homeowner Decision-Making

Robert T. Burrus Jr., Christopher F. Dumas,
and J. Edward Graham Jr.
University of North Carolina at Wilmington

2:50 3:00 BREAK
3:00 3:20 Severe Weather-Related Risk and Emergency Communication in Coastal Communities

Donna Kain, Catherine Smith, and Kenneth Wilson
East Carolina University

3:20 3:40 A Methodology to Inject Sea-Level-Rise-Enhanced Storm Surge Modeling into the Long-Range Comprehensive Plans of Coastal Communities

Tim G. Frazier, Brent Yarnal, and Nathan Wood
Pennsylvania State University and USGS

3:40 4:00 Run from the Water, Hide from the Wind? Toward a Better Understanding of the Costs of Not Evacuating from a Hurricane in Affected Landfall Counties

Jeffery Czajkowski and Emily Kennedy, Austin College

4:00 4:20 Preserving Assets in Low-Income Communities Affected by Disaster

Christina Rausch and Tiki Windley, MDC, Inc.

4:20 4:40 Trauma Written in Plywood and Flesh: Hurricane Graffiti, Post-Katrina Tattoos, and the Value of Narratives to Hazards Research

Derek Alderman, East Carolina University

4:40 5:00 Hurricane Evacuation Problems and Family Pets

Christa Reiser and Kenneth Wilson, East Carolina University

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