Sea Level Rise Communication in North Carolina

Resources for Educators, Managers and Other Public Information Providers
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We hope these resources will enable better communication about sea level rise and other changing coastal conditions in North Carolina


Workshop Objectives

  • Participants will become part of a broader network of people delivering and exchanging information on sea-level rise;
  • Participants will increase their knowledge of sea-level rise;  
  • Participants will refine their skills for communicating about sea-level rise; 
  • Participants will develop materials for delivering information on sea-level rise; and
  • Workshop organizers will learn from participants about communication challenges and obstacles to inform future outreach efforts.

Workshop Presentations and Materials

Powerpoint presentations

NC Sea Leve Rise: Science, Impacts and Potential Response- Dr. Jessica Whitehead, Climate Extension Specialist, NC/SC Sea Grant

Incorporating Climate Considerations into Coastal Wastewater Infrastructure Planning and Investment- Jim Hawhee, Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Partnership

Community Resilience: Adapting to Sea Level Rise- Philip J. Prete, City of Wilmington

Adaptation on the Albemarle-Pamlico Pennisula- Dr. Christine Pickens, The Nature Conservancy of North Carolina

Introducing the North Carolina Coastal Atlas- Michelle Covi, East Carolina University

North Carolina Sea-Level Rise Legislation Update- Tancred Miller, NC Division of Coastal Management

Communicating Changing Conditions at the Coast- Dr. Donna Kain and Michelle Covi, East Carolina University


Examples of fact sheets from other states: Maine; Rhode Island: Hawaii; MIddle Pennisula, Virgina; Maryland;