Faculty Salary Equity Study 

AA Salary Analysis Regression Report Executive Summary - December 2, 2015

Faculty Salary Equity Study Report - posted December 2, 2015

FSES Executive Summary Health Sciences - August 10, 2016

Faculty Salary Equity Study Report (Health Sciences) - posted November 17, 2016

The goal of the Faculty Salary Equity Study ("Study") is to complete a comprehensive and robust analysis of faculty salaries, university-wide. Faculty and staff members have been selected from different areas of campus to serve as members of the Faculty Salary Equity Task Force ("Task Force").

The Task Force will collaborate with the consultant Dean Sparlin to determine whether gender or race/ethnicity have inappropriately affected faculty salaries. The consultant is expected to complete the Study before the fall semester of 2015. Members of the Task Force will be assisting in the process of the Study by providing advice and feedback.

ECU always strives to maintain a diverse and inclusive community free from harassment and discrimination. Throughout the process of the Study, this page will serve as a resource to provide the university community with information about the progress of the Study.