Student Affairs Professional Assessment

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Student Affairs Assessment Team


The ECU Student Affairs Assessment Team, in conjunction with Student Affairs Assessment, Research and Retention, provides support and direction for implementation of sustainable assessment plans of the Division of Student Affairs.


Provide leadership in the co-creation of a culture of evidence and improvement in support of student learning, development, and success.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Establish strategies and processes to share and maximize assessment efforts and use of resources across departments, e.g. identify overlapping outcomes and appropriate means to combine assessment initiatives.
  • Advise and implement assessment expectations for departmental units.
  • Foster best practices of assessment.
  • Coordinate departmental assessment record keeping in alignment with institutionally established processes, e.g. TrakDat.
  • Coordinate communication of assessment activities to departmental staff and across the division.
  • Contribute to the planning, development and implementation of division-wide assessment, research and retention efforts.
  • Review assessment reports and provide constructive feedback to departments.
  • Assist with the dissemination and use of evidence.
  • Review and advise the assessment education needs of the division.


  • Team members are asked to attend approximately four meetings per semester, and one or two summer planning meetings. Participatory leadership is expected in the planning, organization, implementation, and evaluation of meetings.
  • Team members may also be asked to assist with projects on an “as-needed” basis.
  • Team members will be offered professional development opportunities to develop and refine their own assessment skills and knowledge.
  • Term of service suggested is two or three years, with staggered terms among the SAAT
    membership to allow for consistent leadership contributions.

Current Membership for 2012-2013 effective 10-18-2012:

  • Janis Steele, CRW, 11/2010
  • Georgia Childs, CRW, 9/2012
  • Janet Johnson, Campus Living, 10/2010
  • Brian Stutz, Campus Living, 9/2012
  • Eleshia Hunt, Campus Living - Transit, 1/201
  • Diane Majewski, DOS units support, 9/2012
  • Kim Joyner, DOS - Student Health, 10/2010
  • Chris Stansbury, Marketing & Communications units, 10/2011
  • Mary Beth Corbin, Student Transitions, 9/2012
  • Melissa Allay, Student Transitions - Career Services, 1/2011
  • Mary Beth Pruitt, Student Transitions - Career Services, 3/2012
  • Justin Janak, Student Involvement & Leadership units, 1/2012
  • Summer Wisdom, Student Involvement & Leadership, LGBT RO, 1/2012
  • Dorothea Mack, Student Involvement & Leadership, Greek Life, 10/2012
  • Kathy Hill, SAARR
  • Margot Neverett, IPAR Liaison