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GA Assembly Members

Assembly Members by Representation

Class Representatives

 Tiana Washington Haley Creef Daniel Disano Troy Nance
Tiana Washington
Freshmen Class Representative
Haley Creef
Sophomore Class Representative

Daniel Disano
Junior Class Representative
Troy Nance
Senior Class Representative

College of Allied Health Sciences

 Harold Hui Cali Pacheco
Harold Hui Cali Pacheco

College of Arts and Sciences

 Brooklyn Collins Drew Dale
Brooklyn Collins Drew Dale

College of Business

  Alyssa Hanzl
Eric Barnes Alyssa Hanzl

College of Education

 Tristan Hunter Allie Marinello
Tristan Hunter Allie Marinello

College of Engineering and Technology

  Sophia Armstrong
Christopher Allen Sophia Armstrong

College of Fine Arts and Communication

 Rebecca Sefter  Aileen Buquid
Rebecca Sefter Aileen Buquid

College of Health and Human Performance

 Stephanie Mortenson
Stephanie Mortenson

College of Nursing

 Savannah Mann Ariel Mele
Savannah Mann Ariel Mele

Honors College

 Madison Buchness Lillie Rhodes
Madison Buchness Lillie Rhodes

Graduate School

 Imran Ahmed Morgan Beamon
Imran Ahmed Morgan Beamon

Brody School of Medicine

 Szu-Aun Lim  Shivam Patel
Szu-Aun Lim
Shivam Patel

School of Dental Medicine


At-Large Representatives

 Jonathan Abrams
 Hamza Benlerneb  Ian Childs
Jonathan Abrams
Christopher Ballance
Hamza Benlerneb
Ian Childs
 Eric Eaton  Melay Efram Stuart Fletcher
Eric Eaton
Melay Efram
Stuart Fletcher
Cheyenne Franks
 Dania Gastelum Chris Hardee Toryrose Harris Michael Hartman
Dania Gastelum
David Hardee
Toryrose Harris
Michael Hartman
 Mario Hobbs Marina Hobday
 Jessie Jefferys  Austin Jordan
Mario Hobbs
Marina Hobday
Jessie Jefferys
Austin Jordan
 Tyrus Keen  Michelle Kellett Ankita Mishra Bryant Neal
Tyrus Keen
Michelle Kellett
Ankita Mishra
Bryant Neal
 Taylor Nishimoto Aji Njie  Noah Shuler Wyleed Slade
Taylor Nishimoto
Aji Njie
Noah Shuler
Wyleed Slade
 Logan Smith Joshua Spears Josiah Thornton  Salena Vaughn
Logan Smith
Joshua Spears
Josiah Thornton
Salena Vaughn
 Joseph Ward
Joseph Ward
Brandon Waters