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School of Art and Design: Art History
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Ph.D. in Art History, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois


M.A. in Art History, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan


M.A. in History, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire


B.A. in History, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire




Associate Professor of Art History, East Carolina University



            COURSES TAUGHT


Major Teaching Areas:  Nineteenth Century Art; Eighteenth Century Art; History of Design and the Decorative Arts; Art History Survey




Midwest American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Macomb, Illinois, 1990 annual conference.  Paper title: "Michelangelo and the Rise of the Romantic Sublime," October 12.  At the same conference, chair for the panel, "Blake II: As a Mirror on His Times and Ours," October 13.


Southeastern College Art Conference, Birmingham, Alabama, 1992 annual conference.  Paper title: "Character and the Poetry of Restraint in Neo-classical Painting," October 15.


Southeastern College Art Conference, Durham, North Carolina, 1993 annual conference.  Paper Title: "Zola's Art Criticism: Individualism and the Modern French School," October 23.


Southeastern College Art Conference, Washington DC, 1995 annual conference.  Chair of the session, "Landscape Re-Visions and Cultural Identity: Eighteenth Century to the Present," October 1995.


Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Miami, Florida, 1996 annual conference. Paper title: "'Art and the Beauty of the Earth': William Morris and the Meaning of Nature in Good Pattern Design," April 1996.           


Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Davidson, North Carolina, 1997 annual conference. Paper title: "Scrubbing in Purer Waters: Les Laveuses of C.-F. Daubigny and the River Landscape," March 1997.


Southeast College Art Conference, Richmond, Virginia, 1997 annual conference. Paper title: "Reordering the Sublime: The Quest for Acceptance of West's Death on the Pale Horse," October 1997.


University of Ferrara/ East Carolina University Renaissance Conference, Greenville, NC, 1998 annual conference. Paper title: "Canova's Three Graces and the Renaissance Concept of Grazia," March 1998.


Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Philadelphia, 1999 annual conference. Paper title: “The Spectacle of Naval Battle at Sea: Manet’s Kearsarge v. Alabama, March 1999.


Southeast College Art Conference, Norfolk. 1999 annual conference. Paper, "Landscape Painting and the Floating Studio: Constructing Visual Sensation and Picturesque Travel from Daubigny's 'Le Botin,' October 1999.


Nineteenth Century Studies Association. Arlington, VA. 2000 annual conference. Moderator of the panel, "Envisioning Architecture; Architectural Visions," March 2000. 


Southeast College Art Conference, Lousville, KY, 2000 annual conference. Paper, "Charles Robert Ashbee's Reconstructed Workshop and the Meaning of Craft." Chair for the panel, "British Art and Theory II: Aesthetics and Society," October 2000.


Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Roanoke, 2001 annual conference. Paper title, "Revival and Reform: The Renaissance Decorative Styles in Victorian Britain," March 2001.


North Carolina Art Education Association, Winston-Salem, 2001 annual conference. Presentation title, “Teaching Ceramic History through Distance Education”; banquet talk, “A History of North Carolina Pottery,” October 2001


Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Savannah, Georgia, 2002 annual conference. Paper title, “The Arts of the Future: Henry Van de Velde’s Déblaiement d’Art and La Libre Esthétique,” March 2002.


College Art Association, New York City, 2003 annual conference. Paper title, "Charles Daubigny's Experience of Place and the Naturalist School," February 2003.


Nineteenth Century Studies Association, New Orleans, 2003 annual conference. Moderator for the panel, “ Consuming Identities,” March 8, 2003.


Southeastern College Art Conference, Raleigh, NC, 2003 annual conference. Chair for the panel, “Art History and the Internet: Strategies for Engagement and Distance Learning,” October 2003.


Nineteenth Century Studies Association, St. Louis, MO, 2004 annual conference. Paper title, “The Triumph of American Workmanship. Art Pottery at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904,” March 11, 2004.


Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Augusta, GA. 2005 annual conference. Moderator for the panel, “Constructions of Childhood and Public Space,” March 12, 2005.


College Art Association, Boston MA. 2006 annual conference. Co-chair (with Nancy House) of the panel, “Consuming the Everyday: Material Culture in Contemporary Art and Design,” February 23, 2006.


Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Salisbury, MD. 2006 conference. Moderator for the panel, “Consumption and Travel,” March 16, 2006.


Nineteenth Century Studies Association, Selinsgrove, PA. 2007 conference. Moderator for the panel, “Consuming Race in Commodity Culture,” March 9, 2007.


Nineteenth Studies Association, North Miami, FL. 2008 conference. Moderator for the panel, “America Art,” April 3, 2008.


Nineteenth Studies Association, Milwaukee, WI. 2009 conference. Paper title, “The Green Cliffs of Normandy: Seaside Nature as Spectacle in the Paintings of Daubigny and Monet, March 29-30, 2009. At the same conference, chaired the panel, “Monuments and Landmarks.”





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Editor of SECAC Review (Volume XIV, numbers 4-6), 2004, 2005, 2006. SECAC Review is the peer-reviewed journal of SECAC, the Southeastern College Art Conference.


Co-editor, XIX Newsletter, The Nineteenth Century Studies Association, 2008-2010


Monograph, Charles-François Daubigny and French Landscape Painting: Rustic Visions in Plein-Air and the Everyday, currently under review.






College Art Association; Southeastern College Art Conference; Historians of Nineteenth Century Art; Design History Society; American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies; Nineteenth-Century Studies Association.