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Mark Malley

School of Art and Design: Art Education
Jenkins Fine Arts Center Rm 1329
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858
Tel.# (252)328-1295; fax # (252)328-6441

    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee                Milwaukee, WI
    PhD, Urban Education
    Specialization in Art Education, Fine Arts,
        Painting and Psychology, 1999

    Southern Connecticut State University            New Haven, CN
    MS, Graduate School of Education
    Art Education and Fine Arts, 1977

    Southern Connecticut State University            New Haven, CN
    BS, School of Education, 1970

Professional Experience
2002-present        Assistant Professor, Art Education Department, School of
                             Art and Design, College of Fine Arts and Communication,
                             East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

2000-2002            Assistant Professor, Art Education Department, Moravian
                             College, Bethlehem, PA

1970-2000            Art Teacher, Bridgeport Public Schools, Bridgeport, CT
                             Middle Schools:  East Side, Curiale, and Blackham

1995                     Instructor, Art Education Department
                             Supervisor, Student Teaching
                             University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
                             (During a sabbatical leave from Public School system in

1988-1990            Guest Lecturer, School of Education – Center for
                             Teacher Change; Pre-Service Student Teaching
                             (During a sabbatical leave from Public School system in

Books and Monographs
    The Amistad Incident:  Its Place in Art Education
    Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA 2003 monograph

Art Exhibitions
    2006 Spring City Art Gallery, Bridgeport, CT
    Solo Show of Urban Artwork and Gasket Series Art

    2006 GMA Artists Association Traveling Exhibition Program,
    Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville, NC

    2006 Fall Faculty Show, Gray Art Gallery, East Carolina University,
    Greenville, NC

    2005 Fall Faculty Show, Gray Art Gallery, East Carolina University,
    Greenville, NC

    2005 Fall NCAEA Membership Show, Asheville, NC

    May-June 2005 48th Annual National Juried Art Exhibition,
    Rocky Mount Arts Center, Rocky Mt., NC

    2004 Fall Faculty Show, Gray Art Gallery, East Carolina University,
    Greenville, NC

    May 10-June 29, 2003, “46th Annual National Juried Art Exhibition”
    Rocky Mount Arts Center, Rocky Mt., NC

    2003 Fall Faculty Show, Gray Art Gallery, East Carolina University,
    Greenville, NC

    May-June 2003 Emerge Art Gallery – National Juried Art Show, Greenville, 

    2003 Fall Faculty Art Show, Gray Art Gallery, East Carolina University,
    Greenville, NC

    2002 Faculty Art Show, “Faculty Visual Artists of Moravian College”
    Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA

    2002 Leigh Valley Arts Association, “The Artists of the Valley” Lafayette  
    University, Lehigh, PA

Other Research Publications
    Author/Researcher had thirteen citations by academic researchers in the area
    of: Urban Art Education and the artwork of Under Represented Groups

Unpublished manuscripts
    Failing to teach Holistically:  Results and Affects on Your Students and You!
    Invited Author by Dr. Peter London (sent back for revisions)

    Black Mountain College and Art Education – Journal of Art Education
    NAEA, Reston, Va

    A critical review of importance on art education theory and practice. Visual
    Epistemology Assumptions of Pre-service Teaching Aspirants
    Studies in Art Education, NAEA, Reston, VA (first draft form)
    (This information was presented at Denver, CO NAEA Conference)

    To Pour or Not To Pour: Exploring the Iron Pour Process with University
    art students.This notion was presented to the NCAEA Conference with two
    female sculpture-art education majors after the visit to SLOSS Furnace Iron
    Pour (draft form)

    Draft Article Fall 2006-Design with Robert Ebendorf:  Design Experiences for
    Secondary Art Students.  Undecided-presentation at Conference? (Outline

Research presentation:  list organization, date and title of presentation (s)
    Invited guest presenter/curriculum developer for Asheville Museum
    Celebration of The Black Mountain College, “Black Mountain College’s lasting
    Effects on Art Education Curriculum and Design” May 2007.
    NCAEA Fall 2006 Black Mountain College, “its influence on the field of Art
    Education Presentation” outlined the areas of influence the college had on
    teaching and art education curriculum.  A review of actual site-specific
    facilities, photos and documented conversations with former students and
    Black Mountain locals was featured.

    The presentation visually showcased two Pitt County high school art teachers
    from DH Conley, NCAEA Fall 2005.  “Excellence in High School Art Programs
    and JH Rose in Greenville.”  Presentation and discussion of novel ideas
    centered on extending pedagogical insights for participants to utilize in their
    own art work.

    NCAEA Fall conference (2) Boston, MA, NAEA March conference – 2 students

    NAEA Spring 2004, “Visual Epistemology Assumptions”, Denver, CO. This is
    a visual presentation of a ten year collection of pre-services students and
    student teachers representations of drawings of what they believe are the
    major tenets and salient attributes of a successful art teacher.

    NAEA Spring 2004, “Why Attend NAEA Conferences?” Denver, CO. The
    presentation Focused on the positive aspects, dialogue, discussion, sharing
    and interaction with visual ideas for effective art education professional

    NCAEA Fall 2003, “Screamers” Humor, Goodwill and Sculpture in the art
    classroom. Presentation and workshop.

    NCAEA Fall 2003, “SLOSS Furnace Presentation”.  The process of sculpture,
    iron pouring, and its relationship to art education. Student and Professor joint

    NAEA Conference, Minneapolis, MI, Spring 2003

Princeville Repo History Mural Project, 2007.  A very generous material grant (exact amount is confidential) from Golden Artists.  Color of New York will fund the Princeville Mural Project during the three phases of the project construction and mural creation.

Youth Arts Festival 2006.  BMW Art Car Projects with Senior One Students.  Acquired $1000 of classic 2002 BMW organized and planned the event.  Participants created popular artist based designs on the BMW’s hood, roof, doors, trunk, fenders, tires and wheels.

Youth Arts Festival 2005.  Managed and organized Art Education Guild Students and obtained $1500 of Prang art supplies for SOAD Youth Arts Festival.  The art education students constructed 4’ X 8’ mural panels for children to have an interactive art experience with quality art materials and art student supervisors.

    SOAD Gray Art Gallery Committee, Chair 2005-2007
    SOAD Distance Education Cultural Outreach Search Committee,
    Chair, 2005-2006
    SOAD Distance Education Search Committee Member, 2002-2003
    SOAD NASAD Faculty Committee Member, 2002

    Provost Task Force on Learning (Dean’s appointment) 2002-2003
    CTE Council for Teacher Education, School of Education, 2005-2006
    Art Education Representative, 2006
    Ad-hoc Professional Studies – ECU School of Education 2005-2006
    Art Education Representative, 2005
    Curriculum Committee for ECU Teacher Education, 2005-2006
    Art Education Representative, 2004

2003-2004 For the Soybean Bio-diesel BMW Racecar of Soy Farmers of Eastern North Carolina and Al Taylor Sports Cars of Whittlers, NC.   I was awarded the design privilege and coordination of graphic displays to assist the region in developing eco-duels.

2003-2004 Faculty Out-Research Advisor for Wallace, NC old Railroad Train Depot Community Arts Center serving area community art groups.  Advisor to graduate student/art teacher Theresa Brooks.

The Princeville Mural Project has received a generous material funding grant from Golden Artists Color or New York.  This grant has made it possible for a multi phased outreach project that started this fall with three graduate African American Art Students in the ECU School of Fine Arts area.  I am guiding the project through a number of development phases that will have benefit to the artists, community of Princeville, and the school children of the area that will take part in the Repo history phase of the project.  The lasting effects of this project will be in the areas of civic and community collectiveness mentoring and monitoring.  I will be collecting research material in each of these areas for research publication and national presentations or teacher workshops to assist others in community outreach methodology.

I am developing a series of articles for art education publication.  These will be submitted to the Journal of the National Art Education Association and Art Studies.  These articles will be in conjunction with my area of interests and work with Dr Peter London, summer 2007.  These articles and others will flow from studio fine arts practices of ECU/SOAD.  The influences and roles studio practice has in pre-service art education will be discussed as 21st century visual arts education paradigm.

Further, Art Education connections and Civil Rights will also be published and presentations made to advance the importance of both causes.

I am actively restoring, racing and showcasing important British formula racing cars of the 1970’s era.  This process involves considerable historical, mechanical, and creative knowledge germane to the history of Vintage Racing Cars.  I am also a dual license holder able to actively compete with the single seat racing cars in North American and England.  Photos of my racing cars have appeared in International Racing publications.  Summer 2003 and 2006.

Contacted and arranged for Guest Lecturer for the SOAD in April 2003.
Contacted and arranged for Guest Lecturer for the SOAD by Dr. Peter London and Dr. David Baker.

Judge for the 2005 SAD Arts Festival in Grifton, NC.  

Annual High School Congressional Exhibit at ECU’s SOAD for Congressman Frank Balance.  Installation and reception committee, April-May 2003, 2004, 2005.

I have been instrumental in requesting letters of support from Dr. Peter London and Dr. David Baker to establish a PhD program within the SOAD,

Piloting a Sidewalk Art Sale is also a project I am planning to generate in the SOAD “SPIRIT” to better know the students and have them all interact with faculty in a very formal event.

NAEA (National Art Education Association) – member since 1970; Director, Eastern Region, 1994-1996

North Carolina Art Education Association – member since 2002.

PAEA (Pennsylvania Art Education Association) – member since 2000.  Also advisor to student chapter at Moravian College.