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Freshman Year Schematic for All Art Majors


Required Courses*

The Dimensions of Art (Art 1905)
Design I (Art 1005)

Drawing (Art 1020)


Suggested General Courses*
ENGL 1100
Science with Lab
HLTH 1000 


Required Courses*
Art History Survey (ART 1906, 1907)
Design II (Art 1015) (Not required for BA in Art History and Appreciation)
Figure Drawing (Art 1030) (Not required for BA in Art History and Appreciation)


Suggested General Courses*
ENGL 1200
MATH 1065/ 2127 or PHIL 1500
Foreign Language


* Consult with your faculty advisor It is necessary for all students to pass the above art courses with a grade of C or higher, before enrolling in any upper level courses.


Within the School of Art all students will be assigned an advisor, who will help and advise as to which courses should be taken each semester. However, all students are reminded that it is ultimately their own responsibility to ensure that they take the correct course at the right time to graduate in a timely manner. Keep the catalogue supplied to you at your entry to the University. The requirements cited there are the ones that you will be expected to meet, unless you change your degree or select a newer catalogue.