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Cinematic Arts and Media Production

Cinematic Arts and Media Production (CAMP) is writing, shooting, editing and marketing film and media projects for all the production genres. Projects are developed in classes and collaborated on with fellow CAMP students, and are screened in film festivals, on TV, on the web, and in client presentations. The genres we teach include short form narrative, documentary film, and advertising agency production.


The concentration falls under the Bachelor of Fine Arts–Studio. We share the same art history and survey requirements of others in the degree program. We’re a digital program that teaches theory, history, and the application of the production process in a carefully planned curriculum that allows students the freedom to design a course of study tailored to their own interest while ensuring they learn the basics to make them competitive in the job market. The majority of our courses are “hands-on” including our “survey” courses where students will be writing, shooting, and editing projects on day one. Regardless of the genre they work in: short-form narrative, documentary, or even advertising agency productions, we teach the commonality of the discipline: solid scriptwriting, thorough pre-production, collaborative production with fellow students, and guided post-production. The courses cover all aspects of the discipline including writing, directing, cinematography, critical film analysis, editing, sound recording and design and special effects.  All of these skills are common to all the genres and we encourage students to learn as many as possible. In fact we stress students learn all the tools of filmmaking so that they can feel comfortable working in a variety of professional roles. Combined with postgraduate networking support and a solid internship program, this curriculum is a great way to break into filmmaking or media production, or can be a place to create a polished demo reel that can be used to apply to graduate school. Our alumni have gone on to work in advertising agencies, are working in feature films and television, and have jobs within major media companies throughout the country. Other students have gotten into top graduate school film programs with works they created through the CAMP program. If you’re interested in learning more about the program email If you’re interested in applying to the School of Art and Design or have questions about the Bachelor of Fine Arts–Studio