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BFA graphic design

Year 1: All art majors take a common set of art foundations courses in their freshman year. This includes design 1 (art 1005), design II (art 1015), drawing (art 1020), and figure drawing (art 1030) in addition to introductory art history courses and required courses outside the School of Art & Design. Note that design I and II are not graphic design courses. They are basic art classes in 2D and 3D form generation.

Year 2: During the sophomore year, students take introductory classes in various art areas. We refer to them as survey courses. Students interested in the graphic design major should take the graphic design survey, Art 2200, in fall semester. (Art 2200 is only offered in fall.) In the following semester, those students will take the second graphic design class, Art 2210. Students in Art 2200 and Art 2210 have card key access to a computer lab with iMac computers, scanners, and printers as well as access to other computer labs in Jenkins Fine Art Center and throughout campus.

Transferring or changing majors: Transfer students or ECU students changing majors must meet the same course requirements as incoming freshmen. Students who have taken art foundations classes at other institutions should contact the undergraduate adviser Ann Melanie at for information on being credited for freshman-level courses. To preview equivalencies for art courses students can also go to ECU's OneStop. (Students with an extensive graphic design educational background who wish to be credited for Art 2200 and Art 2210 should contact graphic design area coordinator Kate LaMere at and provide a list of graphic design courses taken and a portfolio in PDF format for consideration.)

Admission to the major: At the end of the sophomore year, students who have taken Art 2200 and Art 2210 submit a portfolio of work from those classes. Students who have at least a 2.6 grade average in required courses for the graphic design major are admitted to the major based on the portfolio and their performance in Art 2200 and Art 2210.

Years 3 & 4: New majors are required to purchase a Mac laptop with Adobe Creative Suite software, plus an external hard drive and backup software. Discount prices are available from the ECU student store.

Because of the sequential nature of the classes, two full years are required after admission to the major. Unlike other majors in the School of Art & Design, even students with other degrees have to complete four semesters after admission to the graphic design major. Summer school or taking extra classes will not void this requirement. Click here for a PDF showing course requirements of the graphic design BFA. There is a review of all majors after the junior year and individual reviews of material for the required senior exhibition before graduation.