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Studios and Working Environment

The Jenkins Fine Arts Building currently has six rooms designated as textile studios.  

Room 210 is a major printing room and is where all screen-printing and dye application classes are held with enough print tables to hold 16 students.  It is also the major dye kitchen where all supplies are made available.   There is a small adjacent room (212), which serves up to six additional students in printing/dye classes.

Room 223 is the home for all the textile survey classes as well as any special classes held during the semester (felting, construction, etc).  It is also where workshops are conducted and contains the dark room for screen exposure.  It can accommodate 16 students for classes and up to 20 to 25 for workshops.

Room 229 holds the studio space for all students in upper level classes and those preparing final work for senior exhibitions.  It has space for 16 students.

Room 214 contains the looms for all upper level weaving classes and is equipped with two computer dobby looms.

Room 216 contains the looms for all beginning classes in weaving.  

In total, the weaving area can accommodate up to 24 students working on various types of looms both 4 and 8 harness.

Room 229 currently is where our graduate students have their students and can accommodate up to six students.


The working environment of the textile area is open and friendly.  We focus on giving students the opportunity to explore what interests them in the fiberarts whether it is fabric design, fashion, gallery work or installation.  Mixed media is highly encouraged as is exploration into how other areas within the school can be made part of our students work.  Our students work well with each other and are of great assistance to each other in the classroom.  Conversation on all traditional and current issues in textiles is encouraged.  We require hard work and dedication from all of our students but it is always mixed with fairness and a sense of humor.