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Complainants are encouraged to file a Title IX complaint with the Deputy Title IX Coordinator within the Dean of Students Office or the Office for Equity and Diversity to initiate an investigation into the prohibited harassment, sexual misconduct, or discrimination against another student.
Complainant’s rights and what to expect

  • A complainant may also file a police report and/or a complaint to OSRR at any time during the duration of a Title IX case. The Title IX case will continue to go forward during a criminal investigation. Reporting to the police and/or OSRR does not end the Title IX investigatory responsibility for the University.
  • The Deputy Title IX coordinator, or their designee, will conduct an initial intake investigation into the harassment, sexual misconduct, or discrimination allegation against another student.
  • Upon notification form the reporting party to the Deputy Coordinator, the complainant will be encouraged to submit a written formal complaint against the respondent.
  • The Deputy Coordinator and designees will have 60 calendar days to complete an investigation. The Deputy coordinator and other investigatory personnel will update the complainant and the respondent at 30 and 60 days.
  • The University must protect the complaining party and take immediate action to protect individual(s) in the educational setting.
  • If the complainant does not wish to proceed with a formal written complaint, the Deputy Coordinator can continue the formal investigation should the preliminary facts warrant such.

The Deputy Coordinator will explain to the complainant that without their cooperation, a full investigation will be limited. The Deputy Coordinator will also explain that the University has an obligation to investigate and document the allegations

  • The Deputy Coordinator may decide that provisions will need to be put in place to ensure that the complainant remains safe from retaliation or harm during the investigation.
  • The Deputy Coordinator will verbally notify the respondent that they are to have no contact with the complainant.
  • The complainant and the respondent will be given several documents at the start of the investigation including;
    • A copy of the University sexual harassment, discrimination, and conflict of interest policy
    • A copy of Title IX deputy coordinator role
    • A copy of the procedures for responding to Title IX student complaints of sexual harassment, including misconduct and/or discrimination.
    • Resource list on and off campus.
    • Title IX office brochure.
  • The University will ensure due process rights for all parties
    • All parties will be treated fairly and equally
    • Investigation will focus on the rights of the complainant and the respondent
    • All parties will be given notice
    • All parties will have an opportunity to be heard at a meaningful time in a meaningful way
  • The complainant may have a witness present during the interview.
  • Should the Deputy Coordinator find that a conflict of interest exists, before the investigation has begun, they will provide the student with a secondary individual to assist with the intake process.
  • Deputy Coordinator will abide by the University FERPA standards in all intake and investigative processes as it relates to student on student Title IX cases.
  • All parties will be provided with a resolution that is supported by substantial evidence.
  • Upon completion of the investigation, the respondent and the complainant have the right to appeal with 14 calendar days.
  • Deputy Coordinator will provide a written summary of resolution to all parties within 10 days following the completion of the investigation.
  • If the complainant would like to remain anonymous, the Deputy Coordinator and the DOS Case Manager will provide resources and internally manage the complainant’s situation.
  • The complainant will be notified of resources that they can contact such as the counseling center.
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