Fueling Stations

Racers will be conveniently eating at fueling stations that are located on our campus and within Downtown Greenville.

On Friday evening, drivers and Sponsors will have dinner on their own in Greenville. There are several dining options in Greenville and a list of restaurants will be provided to delegations. Drivers and Sponsors will have the option of being bused from their respective hotels to select restaurants.

On Saturday, our AARMARK services will be providing a hot breakfast on campus for drivers and sponsors to start off their day. This meal will conveniently be provided in the same building where most of our programs will be taking place. For lunch, drivers will be able to visit either one of our dining halls depending on which group their school falls under.

The Hilton hotel will cater the Banquet in the main ballroom on Saturday night. All meals will have a vegetarian option and our conference staff will make sure that we are aware of all allergies that may arise.

All meals that will be provided during this weekend will follow our theme including food that you may find at a racing event. The menu for the conference will be revealed at a later date.



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