The most exciting part of any race is the cheering of the fans!! Like any conference bringing your "A-game" and representing your school well is very important. Drivers will be able to earn spirit points for using social media. Those points will be announced at a later time.

For SAACURH 2013 the roll call will be state based. State Executive's need to make sure you follow three simple rules:
  • 1. Must be Racing Themed
  • 2. Must Include Affiliated Schools
  • 3. No Longer then 4 minutes
  • 4. Videos are due by October 7th
    • Roll Call videos can be mailed to:
      • SAACURH 2013
      • Suite 100 Jones Residence Hall
      • East Carolina University
      • Greenville, NC 27858

This years' banner will be called a FLAG. Your flag should represent school and the theme well. Extra points will be awarded for shout outs to other states. Your flag should follow these guideline:
  • 1. Cannot be larger than a King sized pillow 20" x 36"
  • 2. Must not weigh more than 1 pound
  • 3. Must contain two grommets

There are many steps in becoming a leader and one must build their leadership style from the ground up. The SAACURH conference staff is requiring participating institutions to create their own trailer (displays) using recyclable materials. Trailers should be turned in during the designated time period highlighted in the schedule. The requirements for the trailer are as followed:
  • 1. The trailer should be no larger than 2" x 2" x 2".
  • 2. Must contain SAACURH 2013
  • 3. Must contain all affiliated states
  • 4. Must contain Institution name

Throughout the conference be on the lookout for hidden items on our campus and in the hotels. These items will be worth spirit points!

Always remember to be respectful of all other race teams!



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