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Medical Withdrawals

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Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawals

Withdrawing from one or more courses or the entire term can affect a student in a variety of ways in which the Dean of Students Office is not able to counsel or advise. These include, but are not limited to: health insurance eligibilityFinancial Aid status, scholarships, Veterans benefits, departmental standing for certain majors, athletics’ status, etc. The student should check with the applicable offices to clarify how his/her particular circumstances will be affected by withdrawal.

Please be aware that information obtained during your extenuating circumstances withdrawal application process can be released to other entities, such as legal guardians, if you have completed a Buckley form. To allow the release of information with appointed representatives (including parents), please review your Buckley/FERPA form online through your OneStop account.  Each semester, the university issues a date up to which students can make a course withdrawal or make a term withdrawal themselves without grades. The deadline to make a course withdrawal or a term withdrawal is 60% into the semester. Please consult the academic calendar for this date each term. This deadline is set with the idea that students have a period of time to decide their ability or level of commitment to individual courses or the whole course load for the semester. Once this deadline has passed, it is assumed that the student has made a commitment to complete that semester. Only in exceptional circumstances can this implied contract be broken.

Types of Withdrawal:

A student is able to withdraw him/herself until the last day of classes each semester with grades. This means that any course that the student is passing will earn a Withdraw Passing (WP) grade. No credit will be earned for the course, but nothing will count against the student’s cumulative GPA. Any course that the student is failing will earn a Withdraw Failing (WF) grade. Again, no credit will be earned, but the hours will count against the student’s cumulative GPA.

Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal
For a student who is medically or psychologically impaired or experiencing a circumstance that requires a withdrawal and a temporary postponement of his/her academic career and wishes to apply for a withdrawal without grades, he/she may apply for an Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal if the circumstance has significantly impaired his/her ability to function as a student.

Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal: a withdrawal for students who are unable to complete their course work for the semester due to a circumstance that may include but not be limited to:
Death of an immediate family member. Immediate family members include a parent, spouse, child, sibling or grandparent.  Official documentation, such as a death certificate or other verification from the funeral home, is required.
Medical emergency for self or dependent. You will need to submit a medical documentation letter along with your application. Please present your provider with the following letter for the Medical Documentation Request.
Unforeseen life altering events. These events include, but are not limited to, being the victim of a crime; effected by fire damage; a natural disaster victim, etc.  Documentation, a police report, for example will be required.
Guard / Reserve obligations that prevented attendance for an extended period of time.  Signed notification, including the duration of the obligation, is required.

Poor performance in course work; missed deadlines; change of major; or a course grade's adverse effect on the student's grade point average, probationary standing, or other eligibility is not in of itself a sufficient basis for exception.  The Dean of Students Office will not accept requests after the last regularly scheduled class meeting prior to the final examination for the course(s) in question except where earlier requests could not have been foreseen. 

If you are interested in applying for an Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal, please click here for the packet.

(Please note--submissions are now closed for Spring 2018 withdrawals. Please see the Student Academic Appellate Committee through the registrar's office for all further withdrawals for this semester.)

Once you have completed the packet, please submit it via e-mail to dos@ecu.edu, fax it to (252) 328-9174 or drop it off by our office, 125 Umstead Hall.  If you have any questions about this process, call our office at (252) 328-9297.Requests will be evaluated by the Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal Committee consisting of professionals in Student Health Services (SHS), the Center for Counseling and Student Development (CCSD), the Dean of Students Office (DOS), and Disability and Support Services (DSS).

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