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Office of Intercultural Student Affairs


About Us


Our Goals


o   To assist in facilitating meaningful dialogue across the campus on race and diversity issues.

o   To provide multi-ethnic students opportunities to communicate their concerns.

o   To assist and advise on the recruitment, retention and graduation of multi-ethnic students.

o   To collaborate with various units on the campus to help them in their efforts to serve multi-ethnic students.

o   To encourage academic and administrative units to increase the presence of a multi-ethnic faculty and staff.

o    To assist students in effectively resolving conflicts which develop both in and out of the classroom environment.

o   To collaborate on the assessment of educational goals, academic skills, personal development levels, and cultural needs.


Our Objectives

o    Offer unique services that introduce students to a community network, and teach students how to negotiate processes within the institution.

o    Offer campus community initiatives that increase intercultural awareness, knowledge, and skills.

o    Engage, strategize, and partner with entities that offer related services and are committed to advancing the University’s principles of cultural competence.

o    Provide services in a new facility that will enhance and complement the overall academic experience of ALL students at East Carolina University.