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Division of Academic and Student Affairs
Off-Campus Student Services



Mission and Goals

The mission of Off-Campus Student Services is to develop programming to connect off-campus students to available university programs and services, promoting good citizenship and increasing student retention. Our department connects off-campus students with affordable and safe housing options.


  • Assist with the increase in ECU's student retention rate by educating and encouraging off-campus students to remain connected to the university by utilizing university programs and services.
  • Strive to increase ECU's student retention rate by encouraging open communications with off-campus students promoting positive university/community relations.
  • Assist in the preparation of students for citizenship in an increasingly global, culturally diverse, and rapidly changing society by presenting educational programming and services to promote active personal responsibility in their off campus neighborhoods and communities.
  • Encourage a safe living environment for off-campus students.  
  • Increase communication and information with off-campus students.
  • Assist in the education of off-campus students in relation to acceptable social behavior
  • Manage the administration of the third party website database for off-campus housing.
  • Develop programs that encourage student participating in community activities.